Education System

Last when I checked, there was a drop of 15% in the number of people following any religion and turning into non-believers in England, the land that has historically been at the center of Christianity. It seems to have taken a hit because of the shift in the culture allowing the directionless (for most part) younger generation to divert to become non-believers. The recent times in the western countries including the american continent has seen the younger generation distance itself religion and concept of god. What surprized me all the more that even in the countries that are culturally inclined, are conservative and follow eastern religions, the younger population does not seem to accommodate religion into their daily lives.

I’ve always enjoyed any kind of theology, I love to discuss about the ideas and impact of religious scriptures in human life and compare the flaws of today to the results and outcomes of the diverting away from the lifestyle discussed by our ancestors and ancient philosophers, scholars and scientists. However lately it has been more and more difficult to talk about the topic amongst friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. I wonder if it is the distance from the religion or culture they maintain is the result of lack of interest or knowledge. My discussions with few very close friends have led me to come to the conclusion that the education system around us, in the country may be the reason. I am also inclined to say that had it not been the colonial era and its imposed education system, we’d be churning out leaders and visionaries year after year.

It is not merely the theology, but the basis of it that enables a young mind to be rational, analytical and instinctive.  There have been debates about advantage of current education system being advanced, forward looking and modern however the sect that argues for it are also the output of the same colonial methodological education system, who do not understand the other side and thus by no measures are qualified to disagree or talk against it.

I was lately questioned, while the world is moving towards the future, I expect everyone to go back ? A valid question I said to myself, however, then I realized that in 18 years of education, I was myself bred to become a servant. In 18 years of education, all I was taught was how to make sure I earn a hefty sum of money so that “I” earn a better life. I don’t blame my teachers, but apologetically, I do not remember a teacher who taught me to worry about the state of affairs in the country. I also do not remember any teacher who’d have taught me to live a life of self reliant. I’ve been taught to be practical, I’ve been taught to be realistic. Sure I’ve been asked to dream big, but that big wasn’t big enough. I was not taught to be a great leader nor I was taught to bring a change of any sort. Instead, I’ve been taught to accept the change and move on. Move on – is may be gist of what I’ve been taught. Move on, and look for avenues to make only “my” (or my family’s) life happy.

Result ? Corrupt practices everywhere, selfish money minded rat race, distressed family relations, child and female abuses. Youth today enjoys MTV Rodies and Splitsvilla. Our movies are like Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Our young generation seems to be wasting their youth behind only how to get rich. Our parents seem to be pushing hard for them to have great future. Which may be fine, but who will care for the society and those who aren’t so able?

There was a reason behind a caste system. Although the hierarchy has marred it completely, causing oppression and rebellion and thanks to our opportunistic leadership and selfish citizens that lacked a quality education. The idea for caste system was to have a defined job for each person in the society. Nevertheless, I do not feel like getting into it at this time, but the idea of people without vision and will to work. Even the able are busy being more able, while the ones that are not so able remain so due to lack support.

If the 18 years of my education lead to being a servant, what is the point of this education ? If all it takes is 3 months training to be able to talk in a programming language why did I spend 16 years ? More over I spent 2 more years to learn to glorify it and be able to present to someone who does not understand it. I do not disagree with the university education for most of the times it is useful for enabling someone to earn a living, But an education without learning basics of how to live a life, without learning what to do as a human or even without learning how to live in a society is a likely cause of the problem in the country.

I will not blame any teacher or parents, for they too are a part of same education system, but I will most certainly blame the colonial era that brought this change in the name of advancement and modernity to gradually break the backbone of our country that mostly brings out glorified slaves and servants.


2 thoughts on “Education System

  1. Priyansha

    Shrikant, I read the post and I think I understand the concerns which I agree to some extent.. may be more than that. But I have a point to make here which makes me think and wonder… In a country like India where you still have a strong presence of religion and believers, yet people are so selfish. In a crowded bus, if we spot an empty seat without even trying to look at anybody else who may deserve it or may be standing longer than I am, we tend to grab it. Forget about the crowded bus, in religious places like Shirdi, Mathura, Tirupati etc we push and shove others to worship the deity. What is the point of believing in such religion where we forget to learn how to respect/treat a stranger? In a country like America, frankly I have learnt something’s that I could possible never have learnt in India because probably it’s rare to see people maintaining a queue and not barging in, people respecting the space of others, strangers giving you a smile in the pavement while walking or in a park or in an elevator for that matter. (I don’t think anybody will do that in India, a religious and diverse country.)… What do you think..?

  2. Shrikant Shelat Post author

    Good point. The I think we are looking at a wrong place here. The flaw is not with the religion, but the understanding of it because we don’t spend time learning it and leave it for our retirement years when we do not have anything better to do and when we’ve already wasted our prime years. The flaw is because we are not told or explained that the scriptures tell us how to live our life and should be read thoroughly during the youth so that you know how to live rest of your life.

    What we as a great nation have lost is the pride for the human life. Everything boils down to education in an early age. Unfortunately neither the education system nor the teachers seem to be doing their job. Neither of the two provide vision to students and thanks for distractions like facebook and other media in the very early stage, young minds are in delusion. I do not see a way out of this distractions for some time, but there is a definitely a lack of effort by the teachers and parents in giving youth vision in life. Notice that even after 16-18 of education, all we do is do a job. What is the point of such education which enables us to work only for ourselves ?

    My point is in order to be finance analyst, IT professional or businessman/woman I do not see a need for spending 16-18 years. These skills can be learnt in 2-3 years, while rest of time should be spent in learning about life based scriptures, languages, music, medicine, law, sciences or engineering that can used to help people.


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