Having been away from blogging for a really long time, I have felt the need to take a fresh stab at it once again. Over last couple of years, I have accumulated a very varied perspective of life and wish to engage myself in pouring my thoughts on this content forum. I have also given up on Facebook lately and as a result I believe I should be able to take a lot of time off from the daily routine for something I really enjoy the most, writing. I have tried to keep this blog from becoming a personal rant or a punching bag, if you will, but because of the events lately I find myself making this post to be a personal rant.

The below email is a response to a dear friend who expressed his concern about increasing numbers of rapes in the country.

Dear <Friend>,

You know I am not surprised ! Its not only the rapists to be blamed honestly, sure they are, but they are not the only one. The same news papers that flash so much about rapes etc, objectify women by posting pictures and tag them “hot”, “sexy” etc. Isn’t this disrespect to a woman ? May be not in their eyes, but if you look at a psychology of a human, they impact their psyche and lead to such horrendous incidents. More over, even if the media houses deny such posts to be demeaning, EVERY MAN IN THE MEDIA HOUSE FANTASIZE THESE WOMEN WHOSE PICTURES THEY POST ! I cannot even imagine what would be going on in their corrupt minds.

The second most impacting source for minds of the society is Films and TV. If you analyze the censorship of the movies/scenes, the tolerance to such sexual abuse on TV has become an acceptable norm in the society. Extra marital affairs are termed normal/common/no-big-deal in today’s films. Films are sold/distributed based on physically intimate scenes in the movie. Overall, women are objectified.
Parties, Advertisements, Stage shows – everywhere, audiences are attracted “using” beautiful women. Objectification once again.
Finally, women themselves. They aren’t lagging behind in getting the blamed too. Call me conservative, but showing skin, isn’t a good idea. Although for once let me assume it ok, it is their right to dress the way they like etc. Women today enjoy all the above mentioned points, at party, in media, in films, tv shows etc. Thankfully all they stop is at just before getting physical by unknowns. Their display of their body in the name of fashions is not correct either.
It also reminds me the tv shows that push young men trying to be macho, you know like Roadies etc. I understand there are a lot of of such shows. All these things together impact human psyche.
Value education is no more taught in the homes and schools. Teachers themselves indulge in such acts. I am not surprised that all these things are happening. It is bound to happen. We are too materialistic and turning into well groomed demons. We have a mediocre and spineless leadership and the society does not care about anyone but themselves. We are unfortunately turning into animals and have lost power to think right from wrong.

1 thought on “Objectified

  1. Priyansha

    I am sorry I dont agree with this one. I think what the movies are doing now is making the vision broader (I m not talking about the bollywood masala crap and munni) . I think its upto a man how he brings himself up in a society.


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