What type of leaders do we really want ? Part 2

Continued from the Part 1

Let us try to bring about an analysis of leadership in the country and in turn we discuss the problems and it’s associated solution of my opinion.

In an organization I worked for long enough to understand the processes and the philosophy behind it, I learnt that the goal, the project deliverable, is important, and should be achieved in time for late delivery 1. Does not serve the purpose, 2. Is a hinderance to the goal itself. Our country has enough judiciary system examples, a list long enough to not re- iterate.

The team Hazare is doing something similar. In my opinion, a body to fight corruption at bureaucratic and state level should be the most important for a common man. Merely going by the numbers, the police, the customs and the sales are the most corrupt department in the country. Not far behind is the rural development, where the common man is most affected. A focus and consensus should be arrived at for these four departments at both state and bureaucratic level. Instead of childishly playing a back and forth game, and not moving ahead. This where negotiations come into picture. There sure is an immature approach.

Again the problem with the people following the India Against Corruption team is they are following them are frustrated and emotionally driven.  Although it does not mean I am not emotionally driven for like me, everyone ( almost ) feels the dire need of reforms. The only difference is I am not enjoying the back and forth ping pong game any more for even as I write, stashes of INRs and USDs and Euros are being cornered somewhere on a tax haven.

Thus the question is, does the team Hazare too have leaders ? I would have to argue so much for the team Hazare, for atleast they are on my side, but Rahul Gandhi, who is a likely PM candidate thanks to family politics in the Indian political system. What is interesting is the results by the Center of Advanced Studies for India (CASI) at uPenn which are startling. 100% of the second gen MPs, who are under 35, in the parliament today are heriditary politicians. The second cadre MPs are mainly inducted from Royal Families, RSS, Student and Trade Union and Film and Cricket.

Even the 33% women reservation isn’t spared. 70% of ladies in the Parliament are wives, daughters, widows of prominent politicians. A list of statistical key points are available however, coming back to the leadership question, with the scenario just described, the leadership is either being imposed on the the country or the citizens still choose based on the popularity of the existing leaders is still an unanswered question.  Although the credentials of the some young MPs are phenomenal some are questionable too.

While young and radical may be answer to some problems generally revolving around the image of the country and her security, passionate and experienced is an answer to the most deep rooted problems of the country. Casteism, Regionalism, Religionalism, Corruption and other internal “cultural” problems need insignt and passion which is where, once again, the common man’s democratic voting rights come into play. Thus, are we choosing the right leaders ?

Source of the data:
Family Politics
Center for the Advanced Studies of India
and a dear friend, Harsh Mishra

p.s. Continued.


2 thoughts on “What type of leaders do we really want ? Part 2

  1. Priyansha

    That is truely a question to be asked.. and avery nice bolg …I get frustrated when i think of Indian politics… One more problem which I think is- people are uneducated.. Its a fact… TN gov were promising to give the lower class people TV and other needs to get their vote… and people do it…Also, its becoz of some people like me .. who are lazy to get a voter card…But when i think of the whole process of government offices in India… Its so complicated to get a driving licence, a voters card, a passport getting renewed even… all these factors de-motivates me to go and get it… I get annoyed when people dont respect the person standing in queue and just bump in at the counter.. even educated people do that….Just a simple thing but so difficult for us to follow… How many times are you going to educate them ..?What can we expect from the gov..?


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