What type of leaders do we really want ? Part 1

In lieu of political reforms being on the agenda or at least the wish to have them on the agenda, the question remains, what type of leaders do we want? On one hand, about 500 km away from Delhi, a man stands tall against the rising dragon, who is arguably the only man on the planet to have dared to do so for 50 years, and we have some 300 movies old superstar, on the other.

I have never doubted the idea of democracy. Nor have I doubted the top cadre political leaders in the national level parties. But I have my strong doubts for the second cadre political leaders and the psyche of the society we live in, who obviously under democracy have right to choose their leader.

In my opinion, the well being of the nation lies in the understanding of citizens about the leadership and their passion for the country which has an ability to bring about a revolution if the change is inevitable. A society only requires to feel the need of revolution, for without the need of revolution, none will be successful.  Today, India “needs” revolution, a Polical, Electoral, Judicial, Bureaucratic revolution.

We are undoubtedly passing through such a phase today, where a gandhian old man led organization is trying to cleanse the system bringing about a radical change. What is more interesting is that the spiritual leaders also have started to play their part. It makes me very proud today that the social system in India which the youth only some time back, and a lot of them even now, discarded have a very important role to play. If taken a closer look, one may be able to understand the real need of spiritual leaders.

But coming back to the question on the table, what type of leaders do we want? Unfortunately our role models have moved from leaders to stars. ( I love the word star for no explainable reason, more than celebrities, may be I never got a star when my teacher checked my assignment during L.kg or S.kg) I see a lot more likes on the Facebook page of SRK, Sachin or Rahul Gandhi than the Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi or CJI Kapadia. Do we seek leaders based on their popularity ? How about politicos with exceptional ideas and will to change the face of the system ? What about the spiritual leaders who bring along such huge following, who have ability and vision for both society and nation?

Sadly the all political leaders are associated with greed, corruption, power games and dirt. To some extent it sure is true, but one cannot demean the ones who are genuinely trying to bring about reforms and trying to survive in the rotten system. It thus becomes a role of citizens to ensure they get due credits. It thus becomes important that with the empowered comman man following then, it becomes inevitable for media to provide them the reach they deserve. With due respects to Sachin, SRK and likes, the media gives attention thanks to TRPs, otherwise, maestro’s like Ustad Bismillah Khan had to die in poverty while King of Pop’s death too was commercialized.

It is thus important to have a paradigm shift for the types of leaders we seek. Not because, we seek better leaders, but for better country. India dont need stars right now. Needs great leaders. She has leaders, we make them great ! So, what type of leaders do we really want ?

p.s Now that I have put forth this across, please take a look at the youtube videos on Dr. J.P. Narayan.


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