Where is the news ?


Yet again, unable to curb the urge to write even when the priority list contains critical tasks that need attention but this needed to be out of my mind to even concentrate on Final exam scheduled tomorrow.

So now that the he-who-must-not-be-named has been assassinated (1. I love this word somehow, 2. hopefully he really is.) as the world media has been boasting through the day (and night in Indian time zone) it is important to bring your attention to  a more important topic, the Royal British Wedding and Kate Middleton’s beautiful white gown which she got it hand stitched from the royal tailor. Uh… No, that is not what I want to talk about, neither Indian Premier League, nor Donald Trump joke or Lokpal committee.

Brit’s ruled my country for over 200 years, so being a part of Kate and William’s wedding’s TRP was out of question, though heartiest congratulations to the newly weds. I never followed the deceased spiritual guru Satya Sai Baba thus a I only mourn for the friends who followed him and are sad and also achieve Cricketing Nirvana this year after India won the 2011 ICC World Cup, which meant IPL was out of question.

Last night, almost the whole night, Indian news channels only “talked” of Osama, Pakistan’s role, US’s achievement, Indian agencies warnings. Few days back it was the Royal Wedding, what the honeymoon plans were and previously they only spiritual guru’s successors while all this was around not to forget IPL matches.

This isn’t merely Indian media, a whole lot of world media was on the similar lines. Where are the news ? In an event the news agencies start giving biased judgments about the incident, the basic principle of journalism is violated. Where is the principle, news, as it is ? Mixing views with news does not make sense to me. The Arunachal Pradesh CM goes missing, and there is hardly a coverage in the media. The anti-corruption movement is still on pan-India, while the media is busy covering conspiracy theories of Osama’s death. Discussing getting Dawood Ibrahim the way US got Osama, does not seem to be a smart thing to talk on the television.

Journalistic freedom surely does not mean to “impose” biased views on the citizens passively. Some may argue, about the views being imposed, but without a doubt, they are influential. Media in Pakistan draws completely different picture of any event related to terrorism and there is a completely different idea that is put forth with media in the US or EU.

How come the journalist population not on the same page ? Does this not prove a clear violation by providing biased views ? While if these are views, where is the news ?


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