जानता हैं मेरा बाप कौन हैं?

This blog is going to be as small as a tweet and I will try my best to stretch it. In fact I already did by these two sentences. Now it had been strenuous week so far, and tremendous achievement, I maintain, that the Lokpal bill is out there, to be made into an act this monsoon session. As a result, and I am very proud of it, the citizen empowerment is ensured and the common man will become mighty !

With all these on my mind, and my Business Statistics class assignments that I am yet to finish, I hit the bed, tired. To my best of knowledge, I was asleep immediately. However, what I clearly remember this. I was driving on the street and a policeman stops me, asks for my license, registration, PUC, insurance and everything he could think of. Still contemplating what did he stop me for, but did not proceed with that thought chain.

I got out of my car, I looked into his eyes, with anger, ego and how-dare-you-stop-me attitude, I asked him, “जानता हैं मेरा बाप कौन हैं?” (read: do you know who my father is ? – a common phrase used in India to threaten anyone, when one’s father is a powerful man)

With slight fear in his eyes, but trying to maintain his position, asked me back in the same rude tone, “कौन हैं बे ?” (read: who is it ?)

Now this a winner. I said, “Common man”, “आम आदमी”.

Case closed.


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