Anna’s Satyagrah


It was disappointing to learn that some of the intellectuals of the nation called the attempt of Anna Hazare’s satyagrah erroneous and a blackmail. Perceptions can be funny I always thought, but could it have been painful, I never thought. Let us look at it with an unbiased view and qualitatively judge if the actions of the citizens last week were justified.

A system where, for 62 years, a substantial population lives below poverty line and the ambitious 5 year plans by various governments conveniently fail or fail to achieve its intentions to the fullest. Yet the citizens are expected to be patient in the name of democracy and law.

A system where, only in 2010 4 major scams come out to public and government denies it flatly and bows down only when the probe is deep enough to prove or there is a strong pressure from stakeholders including media. The question is where is accountability, where is integrity, for merely to save the face, the government denies it.

A system where,  public healthcare is dire straits, public education system is namesake and food distribution system is going to dogs and the common man is yet to achieve his powers for the votes are being bought for cash.

A system, where the leadership exploits the caste differentiation and generates vote banks to achieve its short term goals ignoring the growth and development, without a doubt is questionable.

When the governance fails, and leaders looks away from their duty, when the judicial system is questionable and the control systems in the nation are weak to not answer to the nation, when the head of the nation is mum over the problems of the citizens, the common man has to stand up. Such a system is unsustainable and will only lead to failed state of the nation.

A question of blackmail in the name of democracy is definitely a joke, for it is the democracy that is abused so much that parties like ShivSena and MNS are still allowed to be a part of government. It is a joke when the some events are termed to be the right of a citizen because of democracy yet, events like these, where Anna Hazare’s citizen movement when termed undemocratic, are questioned.

It is important to understand, that citizens have right to bring about a change in the governance when things go beyond threshold. It is unarguable that no one is bigger than the constitution, but it is also important to know that a nation and her citizens, collectively are bigger than any one else and unless the common man is not put above everything else, the country will be termed as a failed state.


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