Dear God,

I know your tricks now. I know you were waiting to get a ton at Mumbai. But that does not disappoint us. We understand. It has been so far a wonder to watch you around. In fact, at Mohali, you kept us on the edge. Especially when you moved to UDRS after that mortal’s judgment. Forgive him oh Lord, for he knows not his sins, for the mere mortal he is. Dear God, you know it never ceases to amaze me, how many man of the match awards you are going to gather in your kitty.

It has been more than 20 years. I know your time has come for one who comes into this world must go sometime. I may be sad, I have a tear or two, for the passionate times you have given us mortals, may not be re-lived ever again.

It will never be same without, but we sure will learn to move on. It cannot be helped. You see in India, we are too religious and undoubtedly, too political. We had our Dr. Manmohan –Weak—Singh, Madamji and Baba out there having a ball, while so many did not get tickets purely because they couldn’t pay 15000 or even more. Do you have any plans to come back for second innings to play politics ? Its a lucrative sport, I am sure you’d enjoy it.

Nevertheless, I am sincerely looking forward to Saturday. You have done it before, millenniums ago, and even this time I am sure you will slay the demon. However, the only difference is, they have come on our land and Lanka is no more made out of gold. Though I have my grievances that you did not ensure proper treatment today to guests across border, because we scored way too less runs and let them do way too may, but it with the faith we had in you, with those words “God is on our side, he opens for us” helped us past all the tough times so far in the world cup and reach the closure, the Finale against the Lankans.

By the by, I’d should have some nerves to ask you one wish. In fact two. Come Saturday, score a ton or two, and GET THE DAMN CUP HOME !

With love,

Shrikant Shelat

p.s. Thank you for keeping everyone in and around safe. Thank you for not having to use Missiles.


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