Patriotism, who ?

Patriotism, who ? Déjà Vu I feel when I hear the word, Patriotism. May be it is just limited to cricket, now that World Cup’11 is just round the corner. I heard a friend saying, "We’ve already got independence, what Patriotism now ?". Funny, it never occurred to me for I’ve never been associating patriotism with Independence. Long gone, old timer, Independence.

I do not live in India, and its been a while. Though I question myself should I have a right to speak of patriotism. I also question myself for being hypocritical. I plead not-guilty for I do not think my patriotism is limited to cricket, for I stand up in the name of my country, not only when some other national tries to demean India, but also, when an Indian demeans India, and all the more, when my fellow country men is ok with the rejects the need for being patriotic anymore because we’ve already achieved Independence more than 60 years ago.

Arts, Literature, Books and now Films have defined the psyche of the society for years. Contemporary arts, literatures and films today limits itself to relationships. Though I laud the interpersonal, human/non-human relationship, the creativity limited to this area is disheartening. It also has a directly relation to the psyche of the society. The era when people enjoy Big(g) Boss, and K-series, of the very (im)famous Balaji Telefilms, makes me, but, sad.

I have been talking to a lot of teenagers for last few years. I did not meet anyone who knows Dr. JP Narayan, MLA Lok Satta Party. I believe not many adults know him either or are aware of his vision of politics. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d know Shahrukh Khan’s birthday. With all due respects to the Khan, this is a metaphor which depicts, with whom society today is able to relate.

It is shameful that today, we are proud of evading paying fine by paying a policeman 50 Rs. Even UN recognizes that in order to do business in India, one HAS to pay a bribe. May be corruption has become our culture and at this pace, it will be legalized for India is independent and patriotism exists only in books and during cricket matches.

Sadly but true, we gave a chance to  P. Sainath, rural affairs correspondent for a leading News Paper in India, to speak, who says we have glamour correspondents, film and entertainment correspondents and sports correspondents but whilst more than 65% of population still living in Rural India, we do not have Rural Correspondents in Indian media. I attribute it to lack of interest in today’s society, and thus Rural news do not “sell”. After all its all about TRP. I wouldn’t blame media for meaning pure business. We are at fault too. We lack patriotism. Patriotism, who ?


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