Dhobi Ghaat

This one really got a piece of my attention, may be a lot more than a mere piece. I thus owe it a review. It has been a while, I have written a word or two, but Dhobi Ghaat does not need words. Artist’s delight – the movie mostly shot in the some of the most interesting parts on Bombay. A lot many may not agree but Mahalaxmi, a western suberb in Bombay where world’s largest outdoor, manual laundry is, amongst the most scenic areas in Bombay.

I do not wish to give a review about the story, lives of four people, cross each others and their experiences with the other, which in itself is no story at all if a film is seen with mere comercial interest and value. Something that I wish to point is this, art and its inference while the whims of someone, who calls himself a loner, a divorced middle aged painter, who enjoys Jack Daniels. His director wife, Kiran captured a wonder when she shot Arun (played by Aamir Khan) with a glass of whiskey trying to dilute it with rain.

I’ve known few Pratik(s) who spell their names in two different ways, then I came across the third kind, Prateik. Just as interesting the way he Hindi Film industry actors introduce alphabets in their and their films’ names, killing the phonetics of the language, Prateik Babbar’s most interest part in the movie was his portfolio shoot. A laundry guy from upstate Bihar, no more a backward state of India, is an aspiring actor. However, high his aspirations may be, his poses during the portfolio shoot, did depict a style of common man of lower economic strata. In other words, shabby, but apt for the charecter.

Of the four main actors in the movie, the most catching was the video letters to her brother, by a sister who is newly wed and has moved to Bombay. A simple non-conservative muslim girl from a village is hardly an actor, except for her cameos shot for her brother as letters which leads to Bombay excursions and in turn moves towards being a tragic end after finding that her husband has an affair. Though the movie fails to explain, after finding the video letters in his new apartment, Arun tries to comprehend something. However, a very thought of finding such video letters of an unknown lady for her brother, and trying to imagine someone’s life is very interesting.

The connecting link between the two “real” actors in the movie is an investment banker who is on a Sabbatical, commonly known as super-long-sometimes-half-paid-vacation. She loves photography, Arun loves painting, Munna loves to act. There seems nothing too interesting about her role, except she is really cute. Monica Dogra who is (I just googled..) also a singer, is keen on capturing interesting Bombay in her Canon EOS.

You do not need an award to such movies. A 100 mins movie with hardly any budget, in house production and seemingly shot with a semi professional camera and no songs deserves attention. I do not recommend the movie to anyone who seeks cliche comercial cinema, complete no-no for him, but for someone who seeks movies with technical class and complicated inferential genre, its a must watch.


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