The last walk..

Last walk as they bid good byes,
Leaving the moist eyes behind,
A broad smile and peace at heart,
Not a drop of fear,
Not an inch of dismay.

Unknown was the way they bore it,
Unknown was the courage bred,
Unknown was the peace they felt,
Not a tear, not a grudge,
Unknown was the passion they had.

Singing all the way, on their last walk,
To death, awaiting them at the end,
To life, they just left behind,
A song of victory with a tune of joy,
They sang, with their friends.

Warmth of a summer sun,
Raring to touch the skin,
And a thumping heart, echoing,
Calling men, to sacrifice,
For the land, their mother.

And at the end of the road,
Three ropes hang, will soon,
Behold their bodies, yet,
The souls, will fly away,
Somewhere to make new soldiers.

The three brave men, stood there,
All bravest amongst the brave,
O’ what a life they lived,
Where even death, so eager,
Met them a dawn too soon.

This is an ode to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev who were given capital punishment. This poetry depicts the last walk they had as they were to be hung. Death can be a very intense, grim and fearful event, especially the last moments, yet these young men faced it so bravely. It leaves me speechless and my mind thoughtless, at even a thought of death, to end it all. Bhagat Singh and others, weren’t merely men, facing such a punishment for a nation, made them heroes. 23rd March, Martyr’s Day, three brave men were hung and the British Empire did successfully manage to end a “man” in them, but never were they able to end the “passion” in them.


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