World of dead emotions

They never would have imagined in this wildest of dreams that their inventions would be by far the greatest inventions of mankind after fire, wheel and electricity. Computer, a creature born of works of Neuman and Babbage, can inarguably be considered the greatest invention of modern times, and may be even lesser modern times, if we were to bar wheel and fire. Even the communication networks got a raison de etre, thanks to Computers.From the era of  Apple, MS, IBM, HP, TI, Xerox and the guy from Alberquerque who allegedly invented DOS ( and MS bought it out ) to Facebook who could’ve imagined the computers would have led us to. From the days of Bourne series, where touch computing and motion sensing was merely a fiction, and art direction, to the dream-come-true days, where so many things we imagined in the sci-fi movies is a reality and thus has come into existence a virtual world, where we live in parallel.

Oh I like what facebook has given us. The platform to talk, discuss and share with people across the planet, can be nothing but a work of a genius. I also like what MS or Google has done with our lives. I feel triumphant to be living in such technologically advanced world, for it sure has made lives happier. Or, has it, indeed ? More than 500 friends on facebook, but I don’t know my neighbor. I know what happens in the US or China, or what the Economist and WSJ has to say about market economy, and have my views on world financial crisis, but don’t have a say on prices of sugar that shot by at least 102% in less than an year which would affect a common man ? I’ve had best of gadgets, awesome data plans to cater 3G, but then an old lady struggles at a bus stop to figure how to reach to a greyhound bus station, even though I can quickly use my cell phone to figure out the quickest route, I ignore ?

Texting friends even in a 5 min break from your class merely to say, Oh what the boring professor, forgetting he’s worked really hard to reach where he is right now and so has your dad to pay the tuition ? I am in love with these Incredible technology advancements, but, has emotions run down the drains with, for after all they are still machines and we are still way too away from an era where emotions can be digitally transmitted over a cable ? With my limited chatting jargon IQ, I’ve always known LMAO is the most remarkable emotion, but by far the most undermined one. The reason is simple. From what I understand I am laughing, really hard, and the text message expresses it with only L-M-A-O ?

Digital worlds were primarily thought as unreal, but the line seems to be thinning between the real and the unreal. In fact, it is now difficult to identity real from unreal.  Unreal, masked friends, plastic emotions, digital sounds and images, synthetic music, “electronic” books and mails and a lot more has only meant to make lives cold ! The warmth of tone in a language, the sparkle in eyes on laughing, beautiful voice, touch, anger, smile or tear does not seem to be alive in the world of unreal. Looks like we are way too away from a technology from recreating a real world in the digital format. Sad, but true, we live in dead digital world without emotions.


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