Why me..?

It’s been few days I have been thinking this low. Strangely however, every time the feeling arises beyond a limit, I could sense something helping me to rise back.. I have come to believe that it is choices that we make, maketh our destiny. Yet the choices that we make are also destined. Thus it does not make sense to think we have a choice.. It thus does not make sense to believe we could’ve made a difference if we chose differently. I would thus like to think that the events we come across in life are like a video games. Jump on the turtles, eat mushrooms, crawl into tunnels, fight dragons, touch a star for temporary power and finally save your princess and there is only one way to win to play it the way it is programmed to win for there is no other way.. Though the princess may differ with perception, the Mario is still you and he does not have a remote control.

Now it may also occur that a mind under a difficult situation may question the destiny asking why me ? A very valid question it is. But an insanely stupid counter question would be, ever asked a similar question in good times? Probably when you bagged a fat paycheck job or days fun filled with friends around ? Never it’d have occurred, I am sure, why did you ever have such a happy life while it went all your way. If that is all so true, and you never asked why me question then, why now ?

There is a reason we do not know what lies in future for though I compared it to super Mario bro’s, life ain’t a video game but despite the fact it isn’t video games too get boring if once finished and you know what’s in store for you in the next level, but for all you know, in the end you get your princess.

p.s An attempt to make the readers, who are going through a tough time, feel better.


2 thoughts on “Why me..?

  1. praveesh

    Quite an interesting perspective and yes it is heartening to know that you eventually get the princess :)…Nice 1 TL!!


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