Three Cups of Tea

I’ve never loved tea, but these three cups, I’ve loved em ! A beautiful weekend, washed away dirt over my car, a glass of hot milk and “Three Cups of Tea”, an excellent book by David Relin and Greg Moretenson, describing exquisites of Karakoram Himalyas in Pakistan and Dr. Greg’s journey from Moshi, a remote village in Tanzania to USA to Pakistan.

The story, not a fiction though, opens with a mountaineering expedition on the worlds 2nd highest peak and the most difficult of all, and imfamous one for its razor sharp edged rocks, Karakoram 2, lovingly known as Mt K2. Dr. Greg fails accomplishing the summit by merely 600 mts and if that was not enough a bad luck, he’s lost in the himalyas, with depleting supplies and severe cold bites.

David, has been eloquent with usages of Urdu and Balti, a tribal language in Karakoram range as well as some Swahili, which to me has properly described how multi-lingual Dr. Greg was. The story moves on as Dr. Greg, drained off completely of his physical, and may be mental strength, comes across the remote village Korphe of Tribal Pakistan with no schools, and children, lured to extremist Madaressas.

Once regaining his life, Greg Mortenson, promised the men in the Korphe village to build a school and returns back to the US. While in US, Mortenson, generates funds with great difficulty, cutting down his expences by living in the trekking tents or in his car, and returns back to Korphe to see that there are not just one Korphe village, but several villages in the area who face such dire situations.

The story evolves how Dr. Greg Morentenson’s idea of creating one school in Korphe village, leads to building 55 such schools in tribal and forsaken lands of Pakistan and Afghanistan under name of Central Asia Institute. The problems that persist even today and Mortenson’s war with Terrorism right at the grass root are splendidly pictured at David’s mercy.

The book also contains about 20 such true pictures of the school, children, the people who Mortenson met through out, the writers, and of course K2. A must read book for a readers who are still with fiction.

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