Last Letter at Infosys, Sayonara

Five years back, I never believed I could ever be writing this. I always thought this is it, this is where I belong ! Infosys to me was dream for I remember I promised myself during my days in college that this is the company I join. Not TCS, not Wipro, not anything but Infosys. I still find it difficult to find words as I write these last words sitting in the campus and Friday, the 18th, I will wear Infosys I.D card for the last time.

Infosys, where I’ve grown to be a man from a boy. Atleast my family has begun to think so. Though I do attribute it to my marriage and my roller coaster rides, that people have begun taking me seriously, but working here has definitely given me a chance to learn a lot. Like most of us, the journey may not have been pleasant a lot of times, but thanks to the team where in a lot turned friends from colleagues, the it never felt so tough to survive for this long.

From the day 1 in the billable world, I’ve been helped by from wonderful people, seniors, my team, friends, managers. From the days when I didn’t know how even to instantiate a Java Class, I’ve been always lent a helping hands from everyone around. I’ve also learnt a lot of do and don’t from the Managers and I am sure to apply them as I will progress in my career.

On a side track at Infosys, Bulletin Boards and Blogs have been a boon to me for without it, it’d not have been easy to make “friends” in the company. May be it was a platform for a lot of us to interact and have quality discussions on diversified topics. Lot of folks, turned colleagues to friends, un-usually creative people, and helping me to bring out the better out of me. Blogging eventually, because more like a addiction especially in last 2 years both on and outside infosys platform.

Not taking a long, I would like to thank you all who have been around in times of need and apologies, for the mistakes I have that may have hurt you. As I move on, on a difficult journey, to achieve my dreams outside the world of Information Technology, I would wish everyone a best of luck and a wonderful life. I leave behind every thing but am taking along the memoirs of time spent together and my provisional relieving letter.

I would however love to be in touch and discuss ideas and build more on the relationship. Thus, please take a note of my email address:

I am also a regular Facebook/Orkut user. Would appreciate if you would add me on these social networking sites.

I also will continue to write more at:

Luck, light and prayers,

Shrikant Shelat.

p.s. The good thing is, I didn’t have to wear tie this year !


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