A generation too late

My Grandfather’s old watch still shows 3.43 12 May (Some time in 1960s). I wished I was around then or may be time had stopped then. Though it has been a straight curve for me so far. An easy life. An unfortunate love life, but followed by excellent marriage. A bad score in the exams, but a decent, may be a real good job. It has been simple so far, so easy, yet unsatisfying, yet not-so-quenching my greed to get it all even more easily. All I want to is to get back to the basics. Go back to my roots. May be a hope that it’d be last thing I type, for I wanted to go back to pen and paper. I want to write not type and may be have a run to chase a life, a generation or two before mine.

Internet and iPhones may be by far the most revolutional invention of mankind, but it made things so much complex, leaving no room for doubt. We enjoy, during tea time banter, discussing a lot on different subject. Office, Politics, Sachin, Cricket, Films and Women may be the most common of the topics discussed, however, it does get wierd some times. For the discussions today leave no space for doubts and itn’t fun any more. One un-agreable word and Whoop ! comes out an iPhone from the pocket and tap tap tap tap… Lo ! I go google ! Within seconds I get to hear.. dude ! you are wrong, it wasn’t in 1859 AD, it was 1857 ! Jesus ! Give me a benefit of doubt ! Where are the days, when people could never catch my bluff ! Damn you iPhones and 3G and smart phones ! I was ok with not-so-smart phones !

Remember those days ? I miss playing duke nukem, prince of persia, pac-man, wolf 3d ! The contemporary Call of Duty, Halo, Half life et al fans forget the 8 pixel games, but the technology experts till date bow down in gratitude, thanking the developers for developing such an exquisite platform to generate such artificially frivolous games ! Fun, adrenaline pusher, awesome, but artificial. I miss playing badminton in the night under street lights during summers !

I remember my grand father telling stories of his journeys during his days. Travel without reservation, long distance ! And the journey discussions, starting from weather to what the PM should do to improve the state of the nation ! Expert advices, no analysis, all man to man, heart to heart discussions. Though I hardly remember talking to my co-passenger in my last 20 train journies ! How do I get it back ?

Late by a generation or two may be, I really wished, I never had to work for an IT company away from my home. May be I’d be a nice job in a bank as a clerk or a school teacher and never bothered to pay a whooping sum of 13,000 Rs. (Negotiable) in an apartment near Kalewadi Phata ! Auto driver charging me atleast a sum of 120 Rs. to drive down from Railway station, and my salary is barely enough to maintain a family of two !

All I seek is a simple life. I don’t want to care, what Mayawati did with those 8000 Crores or what did the court decide about Kasab. I don’t want to care about the petrol prices or the Reddy Brothers nor want to know what NaMo did for Gujarat to burn or the paper tigers ask for in Maharashtra. All I ask for is a state of life, where everything is back to basics. All I ask for is a Rural India.


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