Ode To the New Year.

2010 here I am,
Standing at your gates,
With a lot of thoughts,
And fears.

What more will you bring,
That others did not get me,
What more will you do,
That others couldn’t.

Ten of you, yet to come by,
To make Kalam’s dream come true,
Yet, Who knows, how many more,
Will I happen to see by.

Somewhere near, they say,
The end is.
Somewhere close, I feel not though,
More should die in vain.

Yet again, shall I see,
More scams, beneath,
The masked faces,
More politics, more scandals.

Suffered I have through,
The times of distrust and dismay,
un-uniting provinces and,
The borders infiltered day after day.

Shout, out loud dear love,
For what you have given to your children,
Remind them of what is yet to be done,
For, more should’t die invain.

I wait for more pain,
I know, it is,
For, untill I stand up,
I shan’t help.

I suffer my days of drought,
As well as deluge,
I suffer of poverty,
And of money game.

Hail, dear new year,
I shall see you again,
One the last night this year,
With arms wide open.

I stand at your door step,
With my head held in shame,
I shan’t lay back like this,
For, more should’t die in vain.

Poetry after a very long time always is relieving.


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