All is no-more Well !

It wouldn’t need more evidence of his existence, when the terror ploy was foiled mid-air, for even after multiple security breaches from airport authorities, homeland security and other accountable officials, none of the 300 people on board were harmed on this Christmas day.

Silly me, to even have believed the science has made human life comfortable. Young, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, 23, had a plastic explosive, enough to deter me from my belief. In the name of Allah and the foiled opportunity, it should send a send strong message on whose side the Allah is. An explosive named, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, a.k.a PETN, was filtered undetected from Amsterdam, Netherlands airport on KLM flight is the suspect’s underwear enough to create a hole in the aircraft boarding 300 passengers, yet, the flight surfaced back unharmed.

Strong criticisms even from the muslim communities against the so called “Islamic terrorism”, the extremist cult, hasn’t still changed the idea of war. With the tighten securities at the airports as reactive measures, where is this headed ? Iraq, Gaza, Yemen, Bosnia, Serbia, Africana, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, N.Korea, Myanmar and the other lime light countries have emerged to be faces of terror and why not ? Every single citizen is at war with the other in several ways.

I envy you because your GDP is more than mine, or I envy you because you are a better investment destination than I am. I hate you because you are an ally of first world countries or I hate you because you are not a Muslim. Painful distrust, want for more power, centuries old invasion grievances, improper border issues, yet all in the name of Allah or probably Ram or Jesus. If all the non followers of Islams are kaffers, why was I taught god is one ? I rebel against the teachers who taught me all the Gods are same, for I believed in you yet all my “Kaffer” fellow men and women are being tortured to death by so called “Islamic” extremists. If I follow Krishna or Ram, I am bound to follow Allah or Jesus, for except for the mode of communication, all of them told me the same thing, “Action and Reaction are equal and Opposite”.


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