American Dreams

When Deepu Nair, CEO, Nair Tea Shop, Collej Road, Zimbly, Allepuzha, did a Google on us Grizzly bears Saaaaalo kahaaan gayab ho gaye ho , well not really google google, but an email, when he found that they went into hibernation, though one of them Yaay, me me happened to reply, I realized it had been quite a while I did not blog, not even on internet ! Though I beganb writing something, but all it was a bag full of complains. American Indians are yada yada yada.. I thought to discard it. In any case who wants to know what Indians in America do. Who cares ? Who knows I might land up in hell for being cursed by so many SEs oh, System Engineers iRace did make a revolution, I like the term System Engg. , frustrated a lot for not making it here.

Lets say, God was kind, I made it here again, blah blah blah, the point is, and it being my own personal opinion, its not as green as it seems. Quite a few may agree, its a different ball game. Lot of people look at you with disgust, consider you not at par to them and lately, even the news-papers terms Indian IT giants as “Job Stealer”. Not just Whites, the blacks, the yellow, the browns, pinks, reds, blues greens, every one. Everyone who is a native, local or citizen, thinks the same of anyone who works on H1B. It is unfortunate that even the Indian community here think that they are merely Indian “Origin”, and are no more Indians and thus, think in a same way, loath us.

They do have a right to be so if we look at it in one way, you are definitely not welcome at the cost of my job ! Even the MNS has started shouting lately, Shiv Sena has been doing so for quite a while now. But isn’t it the way it works ? American society is not self reliant today. Anything and everything you pick up at a store, it is Made in India or Pakistan or Bangladesh or Vietnam or Thailand or Romania or even Banana Republic, but hard anything that is Made in USA. Last I saw was a toilet brush that was Made in USA.

They know all their labor laws of working 40 hrs a week and anything above that means overtime, however, the difference is H1-ers do not know that and thus land up working probably 14-15 hrs a day and demand lesser salary too. No wonder its cheaper, better and faster ! If I’d own a business I’d any given day hire an H1-er who’s not try to teach me labor laws if not ask for a lesser salary ! It is time the work culture change, or without another Obama’s 5 yrs, there’d be a lot more H1-ers finding helping the Pune/B’lore real estate boom !

p.s. Starbucks $ 3.95 Tall coffee is no was close to Rs. 7 Food Court #1 coffee !


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