Aam Aadmi

I’ve always had an easy life, at least, I’ve always been made to believe so. Not that they’ve been hiding it from me, well, they did, but only because I was not supposed to know it. I’d like to give due credits to my barber, I’d thus call him hair stylist. My hair stylist lives in a small 1 room with 5 of his cousins/business partners and pays 1500 for the room. He dreams of hair doing Salman Khan one day and he does not know what IIT or IIM is. He has done is primary education and earns decent living for him and his family.

My wife buys veggies from a particular hawker nearby. He has 4 daughters, he earns close to 8000 a month and is worried about the dowry he will have to pay to marry off all the four girls some day. Yet every time I have accompanied her, I have seen nothing but smiles on the hawker’s face. In lieu of getting a son, god has given him four daughters. All of them go to a government school near by, and two of them on the verge of dropping out.

Kidney dialysis takes approximately 5000 Rs every time. My wife is a doctor and once upon a time worked with a very renowned hospital here in Pune. Just in-case you are not aware of the health insurance policies and the Employee welfare policies, most of the companies do take care of your expenditure, however, for people who are not a part of such companies in any way, have to pay from their pockets and a “cattle-class” Indian cannot afford it. It brings tears in eyes to even look at such faces, yet, they get through the struggle. Some live, some die, but it goes on.

There are millions of Saeeds and Kailashbhais around and ‘Joe, the plumber’-s too. They are happy. They do not care what language I speak or my kids tomorrow will speak or whether I am a Hindu or a Muslim. They mean business. They have their house to run or their daughters to marry. No one cares if MLAs take oath in Marathi or Hindi. They don’t bother if there are parks with Mayawati’s statues or has 1000 elephants at the entrance. They don’t care how much did stimulus did government put into the recessive economy. They didn’t even know if there was a recession few months back.

The cattle class mean business. They do not understand, Maharashtra Nav Nirman, they understand, nav-nirman of their locality. All they need is good roads, electrification and regulated prices of essential comodities. British built bridges, railway infrastructures, buildings, postal system etc. They are intact even after more than 60 years of independence where as DMRC flyover fell at least 4 times in last 2 years. A small water pipe stopped the local railway service in Mumbai Central lines.

He is from MP, He is from UP, Bihar, Delhi, AP. He is a Tamil, He is a Gujarati, Marwadi, Bengali. He is everything but Indian. He is an Aam-aadmi and all it means is a useless bugger who is good for nothing. He is all but someone who would fight back for his rights and You, are the one who is stealing it away all the more from him. All they need is basic necessities to be fulfilled and not fear under which he has to live day in and day out. With mute government, mute law system, improper tools to curb misuse of power, where does this Aam-aadmi go ?

p.s.: My Hair Stylist is way better than Habib or whichever 250 Rs Hair Doer.. He does a great Champi !


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