Help !

Need inputs to register an NGO. Totally lost. 😦


2 thoughts on “Help !

  1. Sunyam

    hi..Shrikantits very nice to see that u want to register an shows the goood present inside u and the wish for doing good for the people of india.but i would suggest one thing…….Dear, there r many NGOS already working. why dont u join one of them work there for a while. while u r working there u get to know its registration process as well. u will also understand the hurdles coming in this field and how to tackle them.My is Sunyam.anantaM@gmail.comu can mail me any timeone more thing i would like to u really feel u r strong enough to start a NGO….????if u r not sure , talk to me …i wl make u feel where u stand…bhai…i dont want to say that u cannot do or u dont have the capability… i just want help u understand urself and let u know ur strengths where u can perform best.there r many things on which i want to talk to u..but cannot because of lack of space…talk to me 09038573715i saw u on the blog of Saniya…www.saniyasays.blogspot.comif can see my comments on her various posting or blogs u will get to know a lot of things….


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