Bad Poetry

A pathetic effort to put words together,
And trying hard to make it sound like,
A sip of scotch running down your throat.
Making no sense and with some ragged words,
Showing off his jargons, the writer’o,
Of a Bad Poetry.

It began well, it went on well,
Yet, lost it in the middle, somewhere,
Where boy loved a girl, cliched,
With not a chance of boy loving a boy,
Niether creative, nor passionate, the writer’o,
Of a Bad poetry.

Even a thought, mild and boring,
Like a lover, first time, confused,
Clarifying what he ever thought for his beau,
And living on the edge, to fall off soon,
Insane, yet taking a chance, writer’o,
Of a Bad Poetry.

Half past three, and it didn’t seem to end,
As I read past few lines, in vain,
I am stuck with my eyes open on this line;
Seeming hard even to end, the masterpiece,
His hands, I wonder, never trembled to write, writer’o,
Of a Bad Poetry.

Finally, that I reached the end,
Laid down, breathless, speechless,I,
My kins worried, my cat licking my face,
Why such a sacrelege, my dear writer’o,
Of a Bad Poetry.

An ode to Anu Malik for his “What is mobile number” song from the movie Haseena Maan Jaegi after listening to songs of immense cadre by Begum Akhtar, Faiz, Ludhianvi, Bacchan et al ! I have been busy analyzing and comparing the class of contemporary poetry with poetry merely 70 years back. Even the best of Gulzars and Prasoon Joshis are no where close to them. 🙂 Vacancy for likes of Begum Akhtar, Faiz.


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