My Wife is a Gangster..

What if, one day, when you wake up to find your wife to be a Gangster. Thought provoking, and interesting. Though I haven’t yet found her out to be a gangster or a CIA agent,working out like a cynical kung-fu martial artist, but I still do not rule out the option for I like to believe that an under-cover CIA agent will have to kill me if I knew who she was.

It all started with virtually no sleep on a Saturday night, wife out of town and a Korean movie, “My wife is a Gangster”. I’ve always been a fan of Korean Cinema which can get really serious at times and hilarious to make you, as they say, “ROTFL”. I think I am getting out of league now, married, fat, Grey hairs and a four year old who called me “Uncle”. Thank you my dear, Java..!

For all who are already thinking weird, please stop for I am not fantasizing/wishing such a wife, I am just keeping an option open that my wife could be one. Why ? See it this way. Your wife is a kung fu maestro and can defy gravity. Nothing can be cooler. Since I’ve seen those old men with weird beards fly with soft silk robes, I’ve always wanted to do so and watching my wife doing so, could be a fascinating experience. No regrets though I haven’t found her to be so yet for she is the cutest being on earth, second only to our 3 year old niece.

The movie “My wife is a Gangster” mainly revolves around a couple, one of which is a South Korean Kingpin (read: Queen-pin). Who is in search of a man in her life because its a last wish of her dying sister. After searching some losers, finds herself a best suitor, who could only manage blind dates and even after some 30 odd dates lands up meeting Mantis, the lady.

Mantis initially hides her profession from him though tough tries to be a civilized lady. When Kang brings his office crew at home for a dinner party, come the most hilarious part of the movie. Mantis’s interaction with Kang’s boss’s son is really funny. What could he have expected from a Gangster to teach him. You got it right, #@$@#%!#$.

It gets trickier when Mantis’s sister wishes to have her a baby. Another hilarious sequence comes here. I may choose to not explain it futher, except a hooker friend trying to explain mantis what to do. Things get a bit ugly when “White Sharp” another Gangster comes into picture competing Mantis with her territory expansion plans.

While Mantis is just starting to live her inappropriately normal life, things get bitter for her. Kang, by now had realized where he had landed and though terrified, decides to avenge Manti’s pain. Accidentally successful, Kang, finally joins Mantis !

A must see.


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