Roller Coaster Ride – Part VIII

After a week long holiday and IPL season 2, finally, her parents left and we were now preparing for my parents to drop by. Now its my turn girl ! For a lady, a new house, new people and their whims and fancies are always difficult to understand. Their expectations are more often than not, not met, leading to crisis between the couple. However, they are meant to not being met and thus one needs to be prepared for such sudden blows. It thus leads to a pause, stop over and drool over a question, what then ?

“Mom had called in the afternoon today”, said I, as I just returned home.


“They are coming over this weekend.”

Every average Indian wife starts worrying at this instance. Probably a reason why daily soaps have such a high TRP is that a daughter-in-law/mother-in-law starts finding ways to make the other worry. I wonder how can they sleep clad in so much jewelery, make up and a party wear Saree. It was no different in our house and I have been victimized.

I have come to believe that keeping house tidy is difficult for newly weds and Bachelors. Others can. Women before they are married to such lousy bachelors who “cannot” keep their house in shape, including me, are beautiful housekeepers. I wonder is it us or they just become lazy ? Expectation #1: Keep house in shape. Not met at times. Problem: House looks dirty. Solution: Men should start realizing that they are no more bachelors and not put the wet towels on the bed to begin with. I admit most of the men cannot keep the house tidy.

“You awake?”, my mother was on call, early in the morning, next day.

Staying away from home-town means early morning pick up service every time you have someone visiting. Finally, on reaching back home from with my mother, she was impressed and even before upbeat hellos,

“Glad you keep the house neat”

“Young women aren’t as inclined these days to it, you know”, she added. It was like a gun shot, in less than a minute.

My wife and my mother gel along pretty nicely, at least neither of the two show any disconcert, which definitely is a relief for any married man. Expectation #2: There should not be any problem with the mother-in-law. Problem: A lot of daily soaps. No prizes for guessing the producer.


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