Roller Coaster Ride, Part VII

Working Indian women, at home, spend most of their time in the kitchen. My wife too was not spared. They say that in an arranged marriage, a couple should spend a lot of time together. However, when one of the two is most of the time in the kitchen, I wonder how could that be accomplished. I did find a way. For the men who believe they are good cooks, should move to the kitchen at least till the dinner is not ready and for those who cannot, move their television sets to the kitchen. I tried dragging myself to the kitchen, though I enjoy cooking a lot. I swear I cook better a lot of times.

It is always better to be in the kitchen when you father in law is still in the living room, however the moment the mother-in-law enters the kitchen, the living room is the best place, grab your seat from where you can have the best view of the TV.Finally got the remote control in my hand. I feel like the king. Time to watch some movies, damn the TV soaps ! In your best interest, one should watch a TV channel close to the channel on which TV soaps are aired, for once your mother-in-law is back, you loose your seat, you have to revert to the TV soap in any case.

Owning the remote control is no more possible. You share it now and it only means you get to see whatever you want only when she is not around. Women and TV soaps are like sisters. They share a lot of things with each other. It is the same obsession average Indian men have for any action movie or a day-night cricket match. Yet both of the sexes wonder how insane could the other’s obsession. To me, it came sometime around when I was engrossed watching a semi-final IPL match which was coming to a nail-biting finish.

“What are you watching?”

“IPL Semis, its a cracker, come sit”

“Who’s playing tonight?”


“That’s a very low score isn’t it?”, she said, pointing at the score.

“Its a twenty over match, now just watch.”, ignoring her frown.

“If its just another club cricket match, why don’t you let me watch me TV show ?”

“Its an important match, I have to watch it”

“But today, Kashish is going to get married, I need to see my show.”

“Even if you watch after ten days, the story still remains.. The captain’s out already, YES !! See its so interesting”

“But there is a twist there, she doesn’t want to be married to the guy, she wants to marry his brother”

I ignored, the match was more interesting. I suddenly heard someone mumble something, but by the time I realized, she was in the bedroom.


3 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Ride, Part VII

  1. Ravi Acharya

    Just wanted to tell you man…i read this and wait for the next part. This is the sweetest and most well written piece i have read…Keep going..:) You bring smile to the world around you and yeah I envy you πŸ™‚


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