Roller Coaster Ride – Part VI

I liked to believe I am single. It helped me from being nervous. For the lady in my house, I preferred to think as my new room-mate. It did help until, I was asked to get her parents at 4.00 in the morning after a long day at office. Dare a room-mate ask me of this favour. You generally are not expected to store the contact information of your father-in-law as “Father-in-law” in your cellphone. It definitely calls was a big fight, if your wife notices it. So we devised a naming convention and christened my father as “Papa” and father-in-law as “Dad”. It wasn’t a problem until I got a call very early early in the morning.

“Hello..”,said I, with eyes still closed, trying to realize that I am not talking to myself but on phone.

“Hello.. Are you awake ?”, said the voice.

While I am still trying to understand which “Dad” is this.

“We will be reaching in another 20 minutes. Where are you?”, happy voice said.In the movie hall, swimming

“We are at home daddy. Waiting for your call, see you in 20 minutes”,said I and hung up.

Her parents came home for the first time after marriage. They were happy to see us. It sure must be a great feeling to meet a daughter after marriage, especially initially.
Of course, She’s got a domestic help, working for free

A week long stay, and seemed like she got a relief from her daily chores. It always happens that husbands and children are ignored while wives have their parents around. I still feel it with my mother and now, with my wife.Where is my towel? I always wonder where do wives keep the towels. I always felt as if it had a different place to keep it every time.

“Honey, I could not prepare lunch today, can you please have it at your office?”, she said.Day one, and counting.

“Okay, that is fine.”

That evening I returned early, while she was not home yet.

I have always felt difficulty in conversing with new people. I have never understood a way to begin, probably out of reluctance, probably out of what-is-the-point.

“She’s not home yet, is she?”, I began.

Failing to do better, I continued “How come?”.

“Not sure”, I got a reply back.

There was a long silence and I chose to mind my business. Intermittently, there were discussions about the work, government, share market and electricity, however, there was silence again till she returned home.

After loud cheery hello-es to her parents, finally noticing me, she said “How come you are early today?”

I could realize for the first time, how my mother used to be elated whence her parents were around, no wonder, we were ignored. Probably that was a problem, men are not used to be ignored by their women. It is ok live in an woman’s world for a while.


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