Roller Coaster Ride – Part V

Reaching home had always meant to see no one but some filthy roomie sleeping in his underwears but it was different today. Someone was waiting for you. With a smile, welcoming you, and just about when I was expecting how was your day, I got,

“You do the dishes, I do the moping.”

“You must be out of your mind, I just reached home, aren’t you supposed to give me water atleast?”,I was fuming.

“Right, sorry, but don’t forget to wear the apron I’ve got.”,she replied.Arrgghh..!. I ignored.

My mother told me few important things for newly weds. It was a clear instruction that your expectations may not be met so easily, and that, you may have to set it at times for in modern times, men/women are generally involved in their career, and thus move away from their basic duties as husband and wives. Thus advising me to be patient.!@#$@#@%# Incedently she also asked me to guide her to the right path.

“Ok Ok, give me a minute, I’ll join you”, finally agreeing.

In a marriage Which ever idiot called it an institution, expectations increase, and a finally are expected to be met. The life of being a bachelor on the other hand has a clear distinction, you are free of not catering to the expectation Generally. If you do not have someone whom you can drag to shopping and ask him to pay the bill or someone whom you can ask to clean up the mess in your room and do not pay her.

“Yes, tell me now, where do I begin”, instantly, as if a sense of responsibility evolved within me.

One needs to understand what it takes to run a house. It is not like playing SIMs. Definitely not. It takes a lot more than that. To give away the control of your life to someone else is a difficult task especially after a eight long independent years. To trust someone blindly and to live a life which is a better way from the eyes of the other and yet trying to balance your own identity. Moreoever it is equally important for the other to accpect and guide proficiently there by not letting the other to lose their identity.

“You cannot do that way”, she interrupted as I was amidst dishes and utensils.

“But that’s the way I do”, said I, confused, not understanding what did I do. Imperfection-ism prevails everywhere. So?

“Okay so why don’t you show me?”, said I.

“okay, get aside.”

“How about that one as well?

“And that ?”

“And this one?”

“You are really good at this”, said I which was followed by a long pause, again with a stare.


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