Roller Coaster Ride – Part IV

We obviously did not go to Tony-da-Dhaba. We did not prefer chinese-ish cusine as well. It was our first date after marriage. Date, Marriage, Desert, everything falls in place now.“You know I’ve decided not to have Chinese”, she told in a low voice.What !!

I always had some hope. I knew my intuitions could not have been wrong. I was really happy. Suddenly the idea of life becoming boring after one’s marriage seemed a bit absurd.

“Today.”, she added. This cannot be happening !!

We are miles apart with a minor intersection as far as tastes are concerned. We thus landed at a pizza place near by.

Thank god for the geometry and the pizza people, pizzas is divded into even no of slices, else, I did anticipate my shirt button missing and paining jaws. She always had some questions which lead to a good quality discussions.

“Do you love me ?” she asked. You must be kidding, right ?

Its one of the toughest question to answer, I was stumped. Its the second toughest question a woman can ask you.

I chose to finish my pizza. That night we slept quietly (please read: quietly), expect that I kissed her lightly when she was asleep and said, “I do”. Our love story began then, for my paid vacation came to an end. I was resuming work the next day. Women from smaller town were used to getting up early. She too was.

“Rise and Shine.”, she said, waking me up.

“What time is it?”


Almost getting from the bed, I realized she said 5.30 What are you out of your mind?

“Get out of the bed, go excercise..!”, she said.

I somehow knew this was coming. Marrying a doctor had its own cons. I knew it was coming, but not so soon.

“But I am in Shape!”, said I, still trying to realize that the lady I was speaking to, wasn’t really speaking my mom, it was my new wife.

“Are you?”

“Yeah, round.”

“Yeah Rambo, out!!”, she said.

Most of the men on earth, cannot argue with their wifes, rest, are unmarried.Do I still have to do the dishes? I realized that it is going to be my daily routine.

I cannot believe I was dying to go to the office and thanks to recession, no work and still being paid. After a decent welcome at the office, with a lot of congratulations or “What did you do huh?, with a sheepish smiles” from everyone around, I finally returned home to see my better half. Ah, I also desperately wanted to say this. I’ve always seen my dad enjoying this part of the day, returning back home and mom getting him a cup of tea. I “wished” for tea.


2 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Ride – Part IV

  1. Fellow Traveler

    Certainly! You are in ecstasy of this beautiful assimilation. The sense of understanding that you show at this point of your maturity is definitely admirable. My intention of conveying you is though individually you are separate persona, however the moment you feel oneness on the horizon of duality where love exists. The spirit within you and her is not separate. The flame of love obliterates outer identity of an individual that’s where you start boarding into horizon of ultimate flight with her.I loved your way of expression!!!With LoveFellow Traveler

  2. shrikant shelat

    Absolutely ! just wanted to confirm if this is an excerpt of Bhagwad Gita Ch:2. 🙂 It does talk in detail about "Oneness" =) It was really fun reading it. The spirit within not just her but everyone is not separate. I feel the same for everyone. Well, its a different subject, and just my view, not necessary you should agree to it, for it was just a view which comes with a caption, "It does not matter". Btw, Do you have a blog Fellow traveler as well?


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