Roller Coaster Ride – Part III

There were never sweetie, darling, pumpkin, coochi-coo, choco-pie and the likes amongst us. We’ve always felt like friends and lately had been a pinch of employer-employee feeling. At least there are no appraisals here. We had been together for just about an year before we got married, however I’ve always believed that one does not really get chance to know another till they spend time together.

I had to move away from my parents for my graduation and kept myself away again, for I worked in another town. If I recall it right, it had been eight years away from home. It sure was a long time to be away from one’s family to seldom misjudge your intellectual evolution. However, I somehow had faith on their choice. After several hichups in different relationships when I thought on narrowing down to one, there was a final blow that came my way. Cursing my fate then, I did not realize the doors of utopia were about to open, which for men lasts as long as the courtship does.I wish I were on mars to have longer years

I remember exactly what I told her when we met for the first time, “I am nervous”. Like it or not, arranged marriages still prevail around, and the men and women are on shopping spree, to get the best product available, that comes with the best offer of security, finances, looks (read: packing) etc. While I was the fifth guy for her to see, for me she was the first one and I was nervous. I’d never met a woman with a motive of even vying for her, this was a case where I was expected to GET MARRIED !! She was calm, which basically felt like a meeting with my boss.How do women manage to be calm at such times?

Youngest of the siblings are generally not taught to bother about things in life, probably that was the reason bothering about life came in my share when we divided our duties.Doing dishes alomst came to me just then I proposed to have domestic help.Saved by a whisker.
Never excpect this out of a doctor.I believed they had a heart of gold.
I on your side remember??

“So where are you taking me tonight?”, she inquired hopefully. Glad no dishes to do tonight.

“How about Tony-da-dhaba?”, I asked.

“what do you get there?”

“liquor !”

There was a long pause, with a stare. I’ve always feared the way women stare.

“Okay, lets have something Chinese, made by some Nepali or North Eastern Chinese looking Indian, who cooks something with Indian spices making something which is no way close to what they eat in China.”

“Whatever you call it , I like it. Isn’t that enough for you”

“Oh yes dear!”Chinese food !! Darn !! I’d do the dishes please !!

“Let’s go honey”, I said.


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