Roller Coaster Ride – 2

There were no Raj, Simran, Anjali, Prem, Spinach Soup, Cockroaches here, but it sure was another Surinder Sahni in making. I’d rather not get into details of our Mauritius trip, but I admit, I carried both the bags and was asked to buy water bottles late in the night. “Surinder didn’t have to do that.” I sure would’ve loved if god did a bit more Aditya Chopra with us, but thats ok, because, I was happy it was he was not being Ramsay. “Honeymoon period, there are no Ramsays, wait and watch” It was a March, and summer had already set, when we were entering Pune after a long drive right from Surat. Got married, Honeymoon was over. Darn, there is no fridge in the house! Hope she cooks well!! It was only once that I got a chance to eat lunch she cooked, Or was it her mother ?

“What on earth are you doing?”, she shouted as the car was about to get off the road. I forgot I was driving. Recession seemed to have affected my life, cost cutting at home as well? My father once said, just go on, things will fall in place, today it did, but then, it just never went my way. Marriage blues, first day of my life, on my own, in new city, with an unknown lady. Do I get to watch cricket and news whenever I want? “How about a date tonight?”,I proposed. “Nah, I am tired, and any ways you do not like Chinese cusine” she declined. #%@$%@#$%, do I start today itself with the food you cook? God, not so soon.

They said to have someone walk into your life was a great feeling. I actually felt it, not when I got engaged, not when I got married, but the day she stepped in at our new place. “Even on day one, its dirty”, she spat..! That why you are here, my dear. “Here, go get it.” handing me the list of things, till I see what I can do about your mess. Alone in the lift, some thoughts dropped to say a hello, how I wish was single, how my life was going to change. It sure is going to be difficult to adjust with this lady. Mom, I thought I was your only son..!Why me ?

“Excuse me, if you aren’t going up again, can you come out of the lift”, seemed more like a girl next door. Ah, the list. I went on to get the things. Soda, Soda !! Which soda ? What does she want soda for? I thought she told me she was non-Alcoholic, baking soda I am sure. I knew what she had in mind, she wanted me to roam a lot for things on list. I hate you !!“Honey, I am home”, said I, on finally, getting back home. Ah, I’ve always wanted to say this.

“Can we go out for dinner?”, she asked. What !! why did I run around the town for so long. Oh, I hate you. “Sure dear”. I can’t believe I said that. It was then I knew, how did all men started dancing on the tunes of their (own) ladies. It was then I knew what I felt like, when someone walks into your life.

To be continued..


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