Before I die..

Happy at times, Disappointed sometimes, with different things in life, I decided to create a list of to do in life, before I die. It took a lot of thought and multiple days to complete this list. Not necessarily in the priority order, the following is the list:

1. Drive a “RED” Ferrari.
2. Sky Diving.
3. Bungee Jumping at the Bloukrans Bungee Jump.
4. Ride from Surat to Rangoon on a Motorcycle.
5. Permanent tattoo on the back.
6. Six Packs.
7. Tie a pony ( done already though, but worth doing it again )
8. Grow 1 year’s stock of wheat and rice for family of 50.
9. Win Man Booker’s prize.
10. Candle light dinner at the edge of the cliff on a full moon day. (Do I need to say with whom ?)
11. Learn Space walking and Mambo.
12. On 50th birthday, shave the head and have a french beard.
13. Get an eye brow piercing done.
14. Do fire fighting.

… Its getting more an more difficult.

15. Learn to juggle 4 balls at a time.
16. Make a documentary.
17. Trek to Kailash Man Sarovar.

.. uugghh..!!

18. Learn to wear contact lenses.
19. Visharad in Music.

..after almost a week found one more.
20. Dismantle a car and join it back.

next day,
21. Try a hand at making a authentic Tandoori Naan.
22. Record a song

Ah again, after a while,
23. Visit Malgudi.
24. This should be the 50th, but, should be ready with the “Last letter”
25. Compose a song.

Remaining 25, I’d wait for Miti to write.


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