Mainly, I do not agree that any confusion is powerful enough to throw overboard anyone to insanity. Like I said, what you are going through is “Healthy Frustration” and it always makes me happy. I was trying to find an answer to this the other day, trying to understand the reason of the efforts going futile continuously and that, nothing seem to change no matter what.

There is no definitive path for what you are doing, your path and mine or in that matter someone else’s may vary because my goal and your goal would differ based on our intellects.

Some very interesting points I was reading about terrorism where it was identified that terrorism what we relate to, is Jihad, where as, its just one form of terrorism, where are there were more than 10 types and it came into existence as man advanced. Nature and impact is directly proportional to the the technology which is in turn a result of need.

I some times feel speaking pro-terrorism, because it may be a massacre for most of them, but for some it may be freedom struggle or a way to tell the world, that they are not going to tolerate. It is just a case of being on this or that side of the line. Remember, what those MRA folks support and speak of their “Tibetan Friends” are termed terrorists in China.

I am learning as I write to you. I deleted 2 mails before this one. I do not need to remind you Maslow’s pyramid and you cannot defy that theory. If I were in your place, I would have rationalized my approach and just do my duty and not bother about the outcome. It is other’s intellect to take your help, and it is your intellect to help them. It may be other’s intellect to do what “you” feel is incorrect as well.

Do not leave yourself in the state of confusion. A very simple answer to all your questions is to follow your path, unselfishness and unconditionally. Just keep on doing it, do not think about results. Its not your job to bother about results.

Thank You,

Shrikant Shelat.

A Common man, trying to rise above.

I remember a line by a friend, and I have come to strongly believe it, that to every irrational behavior, there is a rational explanation.


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