Somewhere Else ?

A response to what I call Healthy Frustration. An email from a dear friend, obviously frustrated for he cares.


Two things, of all that I am interested in. One, the last word “Confused” second, the healthy frustration. I am going to be very contradicting to your views and I do not seek any controversy and this email is solely for your “Confused” state mainly because your last and second last line seem to contradict.

Everyone of us the equally responsible for not making the system improper, inefficient and lethargic. Everyone of us is responsible for not electing proper leaders and everyone is responsible for what ever that is happening blah blah blah.. but,

– I do not hold people responsible for succumbing to their needs. Its human. I am not sure if you have seen people why crave for something and the extent they can go to quench their thirst. USA seriously needs a thought. People are most down trodden. The East have values and culture which can be the savior, the west does not.

I have been through this state. It isnt so easy to not put yourself first.
No peace rally, no awareness campaign or medical camps will help. No government, no NGO or an “Activist” can help. Only oneself can help himself.

We are not living in any new society or have come to be here lately. This was there since the time began. We just needed to open our eyes. I remember our discussion about teaching “them” to fish rather than giving them fish for food. What still say what we do is not teaching them to fish. The necessity is not to eradicate the acts of unkindness or greed, the necessity is to eradicate the feeling from which the greed arises.

Its a simple thing you need to do. Follow your religion, if you dont have one, follow your ethics. Go to extreme extent of unselfishness. Spread this message and help people follow this simple rule. I have stopped complaining, being frustrated and criticizing.

Also, if you believe that you have your own defense mechanism, nature has its mechanism too. Terrorism, Financial Crisis, Natural Calamities everything at a time, forces me to believe in something that is still above us which we seem to have forgotten.

I am doing my part.

Btw, I may be coming to India by 1st week of Jan, probably for good.

Thank You,

Shrikant Shelat.

A Common man, trying to rise above.

p.s. – I am not confused, for I believe.


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