Falling leaves, tells a story, 

As autumn brings winter along.
Days are numbered, shouts out loud,
Whence the hard times  arrive.

Happy as I see the fall colours,
Soothing my eyes,
Soon will die away, 
Into the whiteness of snow.

Await I, for the tough times,
To test my will, to test my soul,
Like a fallen soldier,  gathering his might,
For he has nothing else to lose.

I summon thee, to watch me fall,
To walk past me, away.
Autumn, I recon,
Brings the winter along.
A poetry after a long time. Felt as if I had lost touch. Feels good to be back. This poetry is a metaphor. The times we do not care for or do not understand the grief someone might be in and we just walk away. Smiles can be deceptive, I have learnt. I have learnt to look through the eyes into the heart. I wish everyone does so.

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