Full moon, loneliness and pool side. I wrote these lines in my mind. Blank, thinking nothing, and a sudden idea to write something. About nothing. After a long time, I knew what I was going to write, nothing. A story of nothing. A highly familiar, FAQ, “Wassup ?” or “What’s Up ?”, if I were to call it in my, rather mellowed down, accent-less, english, is a question thats falls on my ear drums, everytime I meet someone in a day. Again, my answer is “Umm..” but, a new answer I have learnt lately is “Nothing”. I may be busy through out the day, slogging till 2 in the morning, again starting at 8 for the next day, and just go on, but the answer is “Nothing”.

I wonder, what does nothing comprise ? Terse, one liner, nothing, describing, I am bored and have “nothing” to do apart from my daily routine ? However, there is a difference, there is believe me, in describing nothing as your daily routine and describing daily routine as nothing..! Let me explain. When folks just gossip, they discuss “nothing”. Daily updates that a girlfriend gives her guy is the same “nothing”. It depends on the situation, mood, and the co-bored-daily-routine-nothing-teller. The same daily routine, becomes nothing if you are talking to a wrong guy. Strange, but true. Nothing, never thought it could be so ameobic..!

So, what’s up these days?


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