Take Care

I am today on the land, what they call “Land of Dreams”. Cold dreams. Where words dont mean anything, where, we just live in a fashion what we can call “move on”, in an place, where we dont care. We do, but only in words. Greet everyone you meet on the street, but move ahead even before the other responds. Its not just the story here, its everywhere. We move on. Masking not-caring with Move-on.

More than 1500 people die in Russia Georgia war, Blasts in Indian cities, Hurricane in USA, Africa stories, oh I have a list to say, but “Life moves on” because, I outsource, care. I say, You take care, (not me).

Take care. A phase used so commonly. So commonly, that it also needed a shortening, “tc”. Ideally, a hope that the person will be fine, he will take care, but generally, it has now replaced “good bye”. I never knew this phrase untill I heard it some three years ago. Take care. Such a caring phrase, who knew it’d soon replace “Good bye”. Never do we realize the need to us being there to “take care” rather than just ask someone to do so ? Never do we realize the need of feeling helpless that we cannot be at more than a place at a time ?

Its the helplessness that makes me write this. Its the “take care” that I hear all the time.

Take Care.


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