Code Red, I am happy..

Someone then told me, it showed on my face what I felt. It showed if my heart was broken. It showed if I were elated. It really does. But it was not the complete truth. It just did not affect my face, it also affected my weight. Also, with the honours that the IT companies do to us software engineers, fast career growth may not be, but growth in weight-numbers is sure thing to happen.

As for me, luckily, crest and troughs of life was a controlling system for my “increasing” weight, but there is always a “but” in a fairy tale. The phases have started becoming constant. I am happy. I am engaged. Code Red, I am gaining weight. Blushing all the time, relaxed, peaceful at heart, I am bound to get heavy.

I was always told, God took care of everyone. He wants everyone to be happy, yet why are people not happy ? There has to be a balance, I guess, wouldn’t it make the earth too heavy ? May be it’d get slower in it revolutions around the sun, meaning longer summers, longer winters. No. I am glad there are not many people who are happy.

p.s. Jokes apart. There is no way I can see anyone sad. Hell with the earth.


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