I was awake the whole night, thinking how would it be. I was awake, thinking how would I pass that phase. I was awake, thinking, if I was ready. It was a nervous date with a stranger. It was like holding my breath for about 45 mins. Like the words won’t come out of my mouth, like the words that fell on my ears meant nothing. I was nervous.

Last night, I told myself to smile at life. Last night, I told myself to keep hold on my thoughts. Not sure of being ready, I felt like holding my feet moving beyond, though my heart told me to move ahead. After setbacks, was I ready to begin afresh ? I wonder why am I holding back ? I wonder.

Even after the day is over, even after the date ended on seemingly positive note, I am nervous. I am nervous if I am making a right choice to move ahead. I am nervous if should decide to wait. I feel like I am standing on a cross roads and not knowing where each of the roads lead. For a moment I feel if I can walk a bit on every road and know where does it take me. I wish knew the future. I wish I knew who is the one for me.


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