What Else..

“What Else?” She asked and I felt it was end of words for me. Every time I am asked this questions, I never have answers. Strangely my next words are always the same, “ummm..”. Yet to my surprise, when this was my question to anyone, they always had an answer other than my patent, “ummm..”.
I always wonder how do people have things to talk about. Smallest of incident of the day they share, silliest of the joke they’d share. I wonder how do they always have something to talk about. How is it always, when people call me, they can go on talking for ever? How is it always, I have no other job but to listen ? I have now come to a stage, when I fear “What else?”. It’d mean now their list of topics are coming to an end and conversation will stop soon. I have started taking this “What else?” as an indication of end of the conversation.

Though, it always came as a shock to me when, my answer was still “ummm..”, and they used to start again with another topic to talk upon (rather, listen, as far as I was concerned), as if answering their own question of “What else?”. Sometimes unhappy, sometimes felt glad when conversation re-started. Everytime, I could only feel my eyebrows raised, surprised. Happy though, this feeling always brought along a sense of inability to take ahead a “general” conversation.

I never disregard myself for unable to talk when necessary. In fact, I find myself better placed than most of the other, at times when my words are really needed, when they make sense, but talking in general, words do not come out. I’d prefer lending my ears. All I have is a smile on my face. All I have is “hmm..”.


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