A Phone-less day

Its an everyday routine, to climb a hill after office hours. Not because I enjoy it, I have to. Infosys parking these days is on a hill,may be an attempt to reduce our obesity, that was evident around our waists. Lovely long walks, on the acclivity, beautiful night and lonely me. There are when these walks are filled with talks with people, personally or on the mobile phone and there are times when these talks are filled with talks with myself.

It was one such day, after a long day at office, a quiet lonely walk toward the parking lot and thoughts when I realized that my mobile is missing. Recalling where it was, I decided not to go back and get it from my drawer. I decided to be blessed being alone that night. I decided to be free.

It was a different day. A Free day. In the real sense. No calls no text messages, no nothing. My mind was free. My thoughts were free. I was free. It was that day, when I looked at people, when I saw people smile at pains, laugh in happiness, bond with lives. Their lives. They were people with no strings attached. Free.

That night, walking empty handed, I walked past the street, looking at stars, talking to myself. Feeling so relieved. My mind reached the pinnacle of thoughts, and words reaching abyss, I became a poetic Picasso. Answers to so many questions, ideas to lead a better life, formulating the future and reviving myself, to follow my dream. It was an ocean of thoughts that I encountered within me that day. Eliminating merely a small gadget from my day.

I savored my food that night, and treated myself with icecream too. I could feel tinge of ice on the tip of my tongue that day. I knew it meant something. I knew I was noticing everything that day. I knew I with me. With empty pockets, I walked back home, feeling light, feeling invisible, as if no one could locate me, no one could reach me. I had a smile on my face.

How I wish I never had a cellphone. How I wish people just met and talk in person. How I wish world was a smaller place that people could just meet and spend time with each other than being so far. They say cellphones got us closer, but I wonder, if it really did. I wonder if it really did when even amongst the gang of friends, when half of them are on the phone with someone else at the other end, whom none of the people around know. How I wish everyone forgets their mobile for a day, somewhere, and be with themselves, be with life ?

My mind never allowed me to sleep that night. I wrote, I thought, I sang, I danced that night. I never slept, just to see that there were 21 Missed calls and 13 messages on my mobile. I was free from all of them. I was really free.


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