Sad Plight

Home to many, staying beneath, the over-bridges in Pune have definitely have helped the traffic congestion problem in Shivajinagar, but I am concerned about the trafic policemen. All through the day, in the hot sunny days on Pune, they stand, earning only their salaries. Where has the extra now-openly-called-bribe-salary gone ?

Is the system too strict now? Have the higher officials turned into moral gurus? Or if I may say, they all have turned non-bribe-accepting govt. employees? That would have been a real shocker, and would bring billions of sighs of relief. Unfortunately not, the flyovers have actually halved the booming corruption industry. Escapists, as I call them, for driving over the fly over bridges, trying to avoid the traffic policemen.

At the confluence near the Pune University circle, where the new bridge has been built now, the families of the Police men would surely be expected to start a protest against Pune Municipal Corporation, for trying to keep the gains only for themselves, and asking compensation for reduction in monthly income of their bread winners.While some policemen are busy searching for new locations to be deployed, the others are investing their time coming with innovative ideas how to fight with the recent crisis not shifting to another site.

The traffic police in the city has always been on the toes right from early morning 9 AM to late night 8 PM, trying to earn their one day meal which probably might include a feast for four or five men not had food for a couple of days. Hardworking men deserve to be helped. I sincerely request all of you not to drive over the flyovers and try to break the rules atleast once a week, so that, our friends can atleast feast themselves at the end of the day.


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