Nursing a life

When the life turned pale and world showed her its back, she knew she had to fight it, alone. The times were difficult but by no means she would have succumbed to the hard times. With some silver lines in the cloud she sought a fight, and those silver lines turned into a thunder by her side, and the battle was won. The phase was over and there were smiles, outside.

I remember a tear that night.

Like a silence after the storm, her life grew to be. Simple and easy. The music of life really made it more silent. The connection she made with Sa Re Ga Ma, was like a devine intervention into those silent moments, and suddenly she started hearing sound of life. A smile, that could’ve meant a mere condolence to herself, turned into laughter.

As if that wasnt enough, incrementing list of friends came by. Suddenly the life seemed to beautiful. The problems have changed. Petty fights and reaching home late. She forgot about the pain, about being sad. She found a friend, found a confidant, found a life.

Losing herself to life, was, may be, all she wanted to. The horizon seemed near. The pain she went through seemed like another world to her.

She learnt to live.


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