Moving Ahead

Nothing could really change my mind. I felt like I didnt do anything worng and to re-enforce I saw Eklavya. Dharmah Matibhya Udgritah. Profusely supporting my way of being. “What your mind feels correct is Dharm”. Strange it is know that, power of choices can be used in negative way as well. What my heart feels correct, is what I do. What else have I been doing? I seek a relation, I seek a support system, I find solace, but it is momentary and I then I have to move on. Not because I am bored, but because I dont see a point. None could ever support me in what I really want to be. None could even come closer to the thought of dream I want to achieve.

I thus move on.

With victory by my side, as they say always, I dont really find it difficult to face the time, but situations cite that its not always the same for the fairer sex. Tryiing to understand, what whold they go through, I had an introspection within. Nothing but a feeling of guilt that comes out at even step I moved ahead. A desperate attempt implementing trial and error, lives me, with change, a charming change everytime, but I wonder if it really were charming at the other end. At the end of the day, I still am alone, seeking my support system, un-satiated with the idea of finding solace.

Though the success rate is 100% the accuracy has been tending to zero. The necessity is to improve the accuracy, there by learning to the psyche of the maidens. Cost of quality must have return of investment. 23 years, 2 major relationships, and no sucess. Incedentally, moving ahead had always left an impression of freedom, not realising a rise of situation, with no stability. It had always been a learning at every step, and search results were more finer everytime, but is this trial and error method have a higher cost of quality. So much experimentation, is it really worth it ?I felt a connection lately. Felt a match of a frequency, but thanks to some technical I feel, has added a pinch of salt to give an uncertain taste.

Promoting “Roles” in the life of the other, I have always covered my “Moving Ahead”. I have some questions to answer, when do I stop? Where do I stop? On whom do I stop?


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