I know what it feels.

May 5th 2006, when my barber predicted my next hair cut to be some time same time next year. It did come true. 31st March 2007, when I got my pony chopped. Hard work of almost 1 yr, in vain in just 15 mins. Everything had changed in last one year for me.The barber changed, the shop changed, the location changed, I had changed. I had a dream, to tie a pony, I tied for a month, I got it cut.

I started growing my hairs once a friend got it cut, his “long” hairs but got it cut soon for I could not take it any more. I wonder how girls have so long hairs?? Even then it took me long to come to a decision to cut my hairs. But I decided to not fall prey to my irritation and started the herculean task of growing hairs and fought with valour till today. I really am amazed how those silly threads of keratin, make anyone feel so hot. Power of unity, eh ?

About 1.20 PM, when I entered the barber shop, my heart pounced with fear. It was like a fear of losing someone so near to my heart. It was like a father who had come to cremate his son wearing a smile and people consoling him. People consoled me too but it was different. They asked me why. This made it more difficult for me but it was too late. I already had sat on the chair and the barber had already done the honours.

I surely made the barber’s day. With absolutely no precesion for first 10 mins, he moved his scissors on my hairs as if they were having a ball. With no worries of cutting it wrong, he just went on blindly. He was so fast, I felt lucky at the end that my ear lobes were safe. He charged 25 Rs. I could have asked for discount for he definitely had a good time but I feared him asking me about my next visit.

In last two years, I got my hairs cut only twice. Aparently saving about 670 Rs. A decent saving. I wonder the amount of savings generated if all the people in the country didnt visit the barber ??

I’d rather let the economists do their work here.


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