A different today..

Her long hairs covered her face when I got a glance of her eyes. It was dark and the yellow light from the lamp post graced her face. Right outside my office building, it was her, whom, I had always wanted to be with, whom I had always wanted to talk, how much I loved her. Walked past me, she had something about the way she carries herself. An almost summer night, silent and cool, breezes kissing my cheeks while the city was heading home. I had to too. I stood there as if it were till the end of the time, for I never wanted to loose that picture that I had created in my eyes. I stood there with my eyes closed. It was a mixed feeling that I was going through, a feeling which made me feel I have everything in the world I’d ever need, along with a feeling of being lonely. She was gone when I opened my eyes. Disappointed, I stood there to see her return.

It was this time, I saw her again after almost an year, yet those memories seemed so fresh. It was difficult to relate today with all those yesterdays that I saw her, that I was happy to be with her. It was different today. I remember that salwar she wore and a lovely morning. I was waiting for the bus. I hated the first look on her face but I didnt realize when I fell for her. I loved her more with every fight and hated every moment I spent without her thought.

Un-Satiated with her thoughts, still, my mind was clogged, not allowing me to think anything beyond her. A complicated chemistry, generating emotion called love, filled my mind, not allowing those silly neurons to make me go home. Strangled in my thoughts, I stood there with numerous thoughts in my mind. Thinking of those lines she told me, “I’ll wait for you till eternity” and today it seemed as if eternity was a history. Immidiately those tears dried up and had a feeling which we used to term “cold”.


I heard someone call. I ignored. I still stood there, thinking eternity is still away. I stood there waiting.

“Shrikant.. mate..”. I woke up.


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