Hitch Hiking Harry

Wakad, Pune.

Vrrrooomm.. goes a bike past mine, dragging along were two chaps from IT. Wonder why do they have to drive so fast on a busy lane. Suddenly, a sight gave me a sadist pleasure. The same bike was kissing the pavements, stopped, and the rider was kicking the bike, desperately to start the bike, while the pillion was asking for a lift. Just a moment ago, one of the two chaps, seemed to be the best friends on earth, chuckling away past my steady drive and now seemed as if they never knew each other.
He probably had to call his onsite coordinator or had an important meeting at 9 ?
This is a common scene here in Pune lately. With now Infosys terminating the bus services after 8.30 PM, and hangovers not allowing them to get up, Hitchhinking is a common source of transport for Infosys employees. Harry Hitchhiker waits for me daily at 9 right at the corner to give him lift and every day, I pass him by staring at him not taking him along. He then waits for someone else to come and drop him to office. He’d take a lift from him, and probably again drive past me, lucky if the bike does not break down, and no problem if it does, for I am already driving behind him to give him lift again. He really needs a lift because its just he who needs to reach office, because it is only he on whose strong shoulders, his company relies.
Harry probably should have by now, returned his bus pass and am sure must be saving more than a grand a month for I pay for his transport. He can possibly talk to his girlfriend 588.23529 minutes more or can have a 20 beers in a month..! I am sure he has more plans to generate more income.
The Take-it-for-granted attitude has always been a problem in any type of a relationship. Not being bothered about others and thinking just of oneself all the time, is what Harry Hitchhiker has his expertise in. If he has me to pay for his daily transport, thats a greatest gift to mankind..!

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