Why should you discard him..?

Education CAN change everything. Why does Indian culture take a teacher as god? Education is not merely mathematics and science; it is a way to learn life. The stories children read in their schools, learning different people, their attitude, parental teachers’ guidance makes a difference. Education helps change the economy of a country. I completely do not agree with the idea that there is no difference between educated and an illiterate. I definitely agree that the teachers are not playing their role and at some point, the education system, the framework of courses probably is not so good but it still is effective. Do you realize what has made you so thoughtful? It was education. One may say then what about others who are not, I reply by saying you chose to look at the issues while the others looked away.

We wish to remove the dirt, I question, doesn’t the dirt deserve the change? Lets categorize people into good, bad, ugly.

Good = Saint ( In true sense Lol..)
Bad = Probably who bother atleast yet, at times tend to look away for they have their own priorities, like us.
Ugly = The dirt in real sense.

With very unbiased opinion I feel that the Ugly sect deserves change the most and if we talk of change, who do we change if we actually remove the dirt..!!

Love everyone equally. Even the worst will become the good. Have faith and keep trying.


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