And I had no answer…

Aundh, Pune.

I frequently go on walks to spend time with myself after office hours. I generally have my music piece on and I have a stroll, but this time for a change, I didn’t and decided to have some conversations with myself. Two specific points I had thoughts on:

1. Enjoying your life because you deserve to. You work so hard from morning till night and paid so much fees for ur studies and you ought to have returns.
Children who are deprieved, not of money, but of knowledge that, begging is incorrect and that they should work, part time if their parents cant afford their studies.

2. I see children, youths, adult asking for money, these days stealing and robbing on bikes. Do they not know its not correct to beg, rather do some work somewhere?? I don’t deny that we have a very good easy kind of job. But may be it was destined, yet I don’t disrespect the job of a labour. Is there not a way to make people realize that every job is equally important, for without one a complete system may be vulnerable?

I see these people begging on the streets near by and then I compare with people like Ashfaque. How is it that these people are different? Coming from the same strata of society, how is it that people like Ashfaque have brains to think beyond their lifestyle, into the ethics, value and faith?

At a camp at panchgani this December, I got a chance to meet people who come from very downtrodden part of the society. They were rag pickers and shoe polish-ers. Kids of about 16 yrs. The have formed a group and they act..! They create plays out of the issues in the society and current affairs and pass the message. When I see such people and compare them with these kids whom I see on traffic signals and on streets of Aundh (which invariably depicts all India..) all I conclude is that they don’t know what they are doing is incorrect. They don’t know that there is something like faith…

I asked one kid, if he’d want to work somewhere, I could help him and I was told, and rather with a stunned look of inquisition, why would you do this ? and obviously, this is better..

I had no answer..


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