Waiting there is someone,
I see not, but i feel.
To hold my hand,
To see me cry.

Behind the line I reach not ever,
My love waits with open arms,
Only joy, that i know of,
Only pain that I feel.

Horizon, is where I’ll reach one day,
And, will live my life.
Horizon, is what i’ll feel one day,
And, will be alive.

Horizon has always been very dear to me. I remember my times in chennai when I used to feel alone and used to go to the sea. I used to see this horizon and many thoughts came along. I actually felt there is someone standing there at the horizon, waiting for me. Hence the first paragraph..

I compare my dream of doing work for the society as Horizon. I’ll not be able to achieve hundred percent success just like not reaching horizon, So I am taking horizon as a metaphor for my goal that i’ll not be able to achieve it. I am calling my goal as my love, who is waiting for me, and it the only joy i have ever known and the only pain i feel..

I dream of reaching the horizon one day.. where i’ll live, where i’ll be really alive..


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