Mental Cosmetics need a change..

The figures are good, the words are good, but they look good only on paper. Just one simple question, will our parents marry our sisters and daughters in that sect, which, prominently I call, UNDERPREVILEDGE? God bless those few who will, but what about those who won’t? I’d strongly suggest a survey for this.

Marketing anti-reservation, I think is a very selfish act, for not they are fighting for people, but anti-reservation activists prefer not to think in the lines of people who suffer

Quality is at stake, and so is the societal balance. India cannot prosper till the society is balanced. Rich becomes richer, poor becomes poorer. Regulation of ideology of people has become more important than regulation of oil prices.

Two specific things to say here…
1. I am an engineer, from not so good college, an average student and belong to Brahman Caste. I did manage a good job after my graduation even though i was an average student. My work performance is way better than many people around. The catch here is, it’s a matter of grooming, and that how your quality is. I solely give it to the atmosphere around me that has made me such. I realize the cut throat competition, thus I perform. So, the moral of the story is, an average student, if gets into a school/college, can come out of it, and do well. So why worry so much about the quality? It is bound to come. Else, one shall be rejected in the market.

2. If we want everyone to compete equally, without reservations, it sure is unfair. I say this because; the candidates from SC/ST/OBC in most of the cases are not even at par with the students, for their upbringing makes a difference. Certainly, the relationship a candidate has with his peers makes an impact. But, a better grooming can make a difference. Definitely.

As my final words, I’d still like to add that, there is a dire need in improvement of education system in India. Lack of opportunities has really made a mark today. If the govt. make a better school today, every child entering it, from the k.g. till his journey that ends in class 12, will be able to compete the rest of “privileged” and then there will be no need of reservation.


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